Friday, 30 January 2015

Highlights From Our Summer!

This is the first post of our Rimu Learning Hub blog. To celebrate, us, that is the three teachers, Mrs Love, Miss Plimmer and I, have shared a holiday highlight photo. We all look forward to a year full of highlights in our new learning hub!

My highlight was watching my eldest daughter Estelle drive a pony at the Kidz Kartz trotting races at Cambridge Raceway. This photo shows her just before her first race. She did so well and I was so proud!

Mr Moriarty

I went to Speedway and watched my Dad race at the World Invitation 240's in Rotorua. This is a picture of my Dad's car. 

Miss Plimmer

Jono and I both received Surfcaster fishing rods. We spent 5 entire days casting and swimming. This is a picture of the only thing I caught.

Mrs Love


  1. Loving the new Rimu Learning Hub Blog are superheros in my eyes! I think that's a monster of a catch Mrs Love......I look forward to some fresh fish on the bar b next catch huh

    1. I don't know that starfish are great for eating! It didn't appear to be very fleshy!

  2. Horses, cars and ummm nearly seafood, sounds like an awesome summer holiday to me!

  3. Great Blog guys. I wonder if I can get my grandson on the Kidz Karts? I'm going to the Teams Stock car racing on Friday at Palmerston North, is your father racing there Miss Plimmer?
    Mrs Love, to be honest that is a sad catch, great to see you at least got some swimming in.

  4. Nice start to 2015 guys

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  6. iv got a little thing about go kart its moter is from a chainsaw

  7. oww that looks yuck!

  8. I think that you guys had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I've seen one of those starfish on our fishing trip! ; )