Monday, 30 March 2015

Postcard People - Week 8

Congratulations on three more deserving Postcard People! Well done Kyra, Josh and Lachlan for a fantastic week eight! I wonder who win the postcards in the last week of term one...

Kyra, for consistently being a responsible, self-directed learner.

Josh, for being a determined learner, achieving his personal best in many learning tasks.

Lachlan, for extending himself in learning tasks about Camp Omatua.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Storybook Superheroes

Princess Georgia
Girl Power!

Fantastic to see so many Rimu and Parkvale people dressed up as book character heroes today. The school was alive with colour and excitement. Book week has been fun. It is super to celebrate reading!
Fairy Princess Baile
The Smartest Giant with Mrs Marvel

Super Girl Mya with Popeye

Monday, 23 March 2015

Rimu Hub Day @ Omatua!

The sun shines on Cyclones!
Last Thursday, Rimu Hub all joined together at Camp Omatua for a fun-filled hub activity day. The students were all in groups and had created their own log for their group. I got to run the Amazing Race and I was so proud of the teamwork, thinking and support for each other shown by each group. We are lucky to have students that show so much PRIDE in Rimu Hub and our hub day was a special day to be a part of.
Gummi Bears
Super Survivors
Just cruising!
Team Tiddly-Winks, thinking away.
Super river enjoyment!
Camp Champs, boat race winners!

Parkvale Kiwis
A big thank you to Rimu Plimmer, Miss Plimmer and Mrs Love for making Camp Omatua such as success. Also, thank you Kauri Hub for your inspiration and sharing of resources. He waka eke noa!


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Postcard People - Week 7

Such deserving Postcard People in the Rimu Learning Hub this week. It is rewarding to see their proud smiles after another week of determined learning.

Zayne, for being a self managing learner who uses his time wisely.

Jodi, for growing in confidence and being a creative learner.

Bella-Marie, for being a fantastic group member at school and during Camp Omatua.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Postcard People - Week 6

Fantastic achievements and switched on learning habits from Rimu Hub's latest superheroes!
Hugh for leading our chant with encouraging enthusiasm and being a great role model in our hub.
Suzanna for outstanding standards in all her learning tasks.
Emma for her all round positive behaviour towards learning and others in our hub.

Tu meke, tamaraki ma!

Sameer's Extraordinary Cake

Today Sameer's Dad brought in the most extraordinary cake. His Mum baked it at home and Sameer and his Dad helped her to decorate it. Rimu Hub sure appreciated eating it! Thank you, Sameer!

The birthday boy from last Sunday

Sameer loves bugs and monsters

The monsters come out at night...

One wish for Sameer...

You can do it, Sameer!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

All the best of Irish luck from Rimu Hub!

Check out the Google doodle. Plus, a special Irish jig from Shaun the Sheep to warm your merry hearts.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Blogger of the Week- Week 6

Well done to Ruby who was the Blogger of the Week this week. Ruby is fantastic at creating interesting blog posts and giving helpful feedback in her blog comments.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Postcard Week 5

Well done to the students who received the postcard this week.
Oscar J has been an amazing worker, with a super positive attitude, and fantastic behaviour.
Ezra has been such a role model with his attitude, behaviour and effort this week. Amazing.
Mya has been such a focused and accomplished worker this week. Superstar!

Keep up all of the amazing work!

Blogger of the Week- Week 5

Well done to Malena who was the Blogger of the Week for Week 5. She has amazed the teachers with the high standard of her blog posts. She is an amazing digital role model.
What a superstar!

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Week 4 Postcard People

Well done to the three amazing students who earned a postcard this week.

Liske, George and Bella have all been identified as Rimu Hub Superheroes.
Each of them is totally up to date with their learning tasks, and has had excellent behaviour throughout the week.
They have all been excellent role models in Rimu Hub this week.
Keep up the good work!

Blogger of the Week- Week 4

Well done to Kiana who was the Blogger of the Week this week. She has produced some great blog posts, but the teachers have especially noticed her amazing comments on other people's blogs.
They are always very positive and informative.
Keep it up Kiana!

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