Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Mickey To Tiki Tu Meke

We have been learning about different New Zealand artists across the arts. Here is a description of an iconic artwork by Dick Frizzell. It is written by Bella C.

Mickey to Tiki Tu Meke

This sketch is a transformation of Mickey Mouse to a tiki, It is designed by a artist named Dick Frizzell. It is called Mickey To Tiki Tu Meke. Dick Frizzell is a famous New Zealand artist who grow up barefoot in Hawkes Bay.

This piece of art starts out as Mickey Mouse then transforms in six steps into a Tiki. A tiki is something that is kiwiana and is often on a necklace.  There is a reversed version of this art that is Tiki To Mickey

The art tells us that there are similarities between NZ and Disney character.  I like this art because it is clever how he transforms one thing into another.  I chose this because it is one of my favourites from him.

Being happy and serious at the same time is something I find unique about it.  It is special to me because it was made by someone that went to the same school as me. And I believe I could do it too, with a little practice that is.



  1. What a fantastic description Bella! You have included really interesting information.This is one of my favourite prints and is hanging in my lounge.