Friday, 10 April 2015

Camp Omatua

Camp Omatua Room 21b

The lead up to Camp Omatua was quite an exciting one. We did heaps of team building activities so we were ready to face the challenges and problem at camp. 

Day One:
After leaving school we went to the Puketapu Domain which is sort of like a playground. I enjoyed going on the flying fox - Lachlan
It was really fun going up and down on the see-saw - Oscar Ellis


After we left Puketapu Domain we went to the camp. When we got there we had to sit on the deck ready and waiting for our safety walk. This told us where we could go and where we couldn't go - Zane

We had to get our bags and put them in our rooms. We also had to make our beds and it was a competition who could be the bestest dorm. In my dorm, Aaron and Rob let us down because they hadn't made their beds properly - Deegan

The first activity we making our dinner and preparing the fire. For the camp fire we had to collect stones, kindling, tinder and fuel and some other bits and pieces that we could fine. For our dinner we had to make the meatballs. It was disgusting rolling them up in your hand - Bella

Next we made our rafts and we did a competition. We made rafts because someone had fallen over and hurt them selves. I was in the team that crashed, we were all holding on and Faith might have been too heavy cause she fell straight into the water - Amie

Kaydence and Team trying our their contraption

Bailey being carried by her team down the river
Carrying their injured person down the river

We used a lot of bamboo so our raft didn't break. We also a lot of string which helped to hold everything together. I enjoyed this because the activities were fun at camp - Kayden

The bamboo forest was dark and pretty scary. It has some steep and flat paths. I enjoyed the bamboo forest because I liked walking up and down the paths - Rosie

Tyla going down the mudslide

Kids waiting to go on the slide

Oscar J playing in the water

We got to go for a free swim in the river. When I first got in it was freezing. We went on a mudslide which was made of clay. It was very slippery and it was difficult to get up - Aston

It was cool setting up our own fire and food. I didn't really like the food that we made but I made sure I tried some anyway. I loved the smores we make though - Bailey

We also cooked some potatoes on camp. We roasted marshmellow cookies too - George

The end of the first night ended with a quiz. These were done in our activity groups. We took turns at writing an answer and if we got it right we would get a new question. We learnt to work together as a group. Some of the questions were math, reading, and some we had to run outside and find information about camp - Faith

The year 4's in Homeroom Plimmer thoroughly enjoyed camp and many came back wishing that they could do it all over again. 
Miss Plimmer and Mrs Love were so proud of the efforts of all the children and it was a pleasure to see the kids push themselves and do things they hadn't done before. 

If you want to hear more about camp and the activities we did, head to the children in homeroom Plimmer's individual blogs to hear more about what they enjoyed :)


  1. Wow! What an amazing camp. I enjoyed the hub day.

  2. Awesome reflecting Rimu Plimmer. I enjoyed reading about all the fun, determination and hard work you put into your camp to make it exciting. I cant wait for our camp in term 2.

  3. What a wonderful camp you had, Rimu Plimmer. It sounded so exciting - your reflections are great. We certainly enjoyed visiting for hub day.