Friday, 12 June 2015

April Fool!

Mt Cook reading group had a task to email their reading in either an audio or a video recording. Adrielle teamed up with Suzanna from Egmont reading group and they decided to create an animation using the app Puppet Pals on the iPad.

I loved how they worked together to create an entertaining video. Well done, girls!


  1. That's so cool you girls! I can tell you tried you hardest in your reading task!

  2. I loved this video Adrielle and Suzanna. I straight away made a connection to when I was little and a teacher told me I had a hole in my school bag (which was like a little suitcase in those days...). I fell for it and immediately looked for the hole in my bag and then everyone laughed. I've always been very wary on April the 1st ever since. I love the expression in your voices exspecially when you say 'April Fool'. Great job girls.