Thursday, 13 August 2015

A-Z Advice


Act like each day is your birthday

Believe in yourself

Creativity is a wonderful trait to life

Don’t worry it will be fine

Enjoy what you have before it disappears

Family before friends

Great things will happen if you believe

Happiness is an inside job

Imagine you're a star

Just think that no ones watching

Knowledge is helpful

Look at the bright side

Make wishes
Never give up

Open your eyes to change the world

Push yourself even though it's hard

Quotes are inspiring

Race to your wonderful place

Stay in your happy place

The best is yet to come

Under the moon is like spotlights shining on you

Views can be the best sight you could ever see

Wrong things are better than right things.

XOXO is love

Young, wild & free

Zipping your mouth is a good way of getting yourself out of trouble


  1. I love all the fantastic advice.
    My favourite is Happiness is an inside job.
    Great work.

  2. I like the quote "Great things will happen if you believe". Reminds us to keep a positive attitude to life and continue to persevere even when things get hard.
    Awesome job girls.

  3. Well done girls! I like the quote: The best is yet to come. I like this quote because it encourages people to look forward to the future.

  4. Very cool girls, I like the fact that you've used every letter of the alphabet. There are lots of these quotes that I favourite would be that 'Happiness is an inside job' because we have a lot to be grateful for when you really sit down and think about it!

  5. thanks I real love this advice thanks so much this makes me feel great It make me feel I want to be nice thanks this is just what I need every now and then I feel bad about what I do to make myself get into trouble this will make a difference to me one more thanks : ) this makes me happy

  6. You girls are very clever coming up with such inspiring advice for us all. Kia pai tō mahi!