Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Emailing Jonny 4Higher

At the moment Rimu Hub have literacy groups researching, reading and writing about the New Zealand artist of their choice. One of the groups is investigating the mural / graffiti artist, Jonny 4Higher. It is a boys' group and we are in the process of sending well-written emails to him. Some have already been sent and we wait eagerly for a reply! The Padlet above has the boys' original ideas.

Visit Jonny's website to see his amazing murals!

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Jonny 4Higher replied to Taylor, answering all his questions. Check it out at his blog! His replies to the other boys have been shorter because Taylor was the first to finish the draft of his email.


  1. like the way you used padlet I like it It's a great way to learn

  2. Wow what great Ideas guys

  3. Wow I wish I could of done that.

  4. Wow done of the use of the padlet, It is awesome that he replied and I guess he just did not have enoughe time for the others. It sound like a lot of fun. Well done!