Sunday, 8 November 2015

Real Characters!

The students have been choosing writing workshops for literacy based on writing purposes. Here are some highlights from the students who chose character description in the first week of term four.

Me and dad both like cars. He has been talking about the new 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA and saying how cool the car is but I don’t think it even looks nice. I have been telling him about the new Dodge Challenger Srt8 Hellcat, he says it's too loud. Manasseh
Ethan’s blue eyes twinkle with a bit of deviousness. James
Panda and Ben adore walkies. Adrielle
I wouldn't call him a giant of a man but he sure is a man. Cameron
I like his ears, they are really funny, the way they flop up and down every time he runs. Suzanna
Of course other people say that their Mum is the best, but my Mum tops them by a MILE! Taylor
She'll play with anyone, even if it's a boy or a girl and if anyone comes to our house, Naisa's the one that will welcome you. Sameer
My mum thinks that she got run over by a car because she has got a bent tail. I think so too. Cody
She is always happy and when she comes home from her kindy, she will come running to me and hug me. Haris
My dad is so cool because he can throw really fast and can jump really high. Jordan
You really need to get to know Liam because he is a really nice person to be friends with and he is really kind too. Bodie
My Dad looked like a barbarian with his old mustache. He is almost fully BALD but my dad still looks good bald. Camden
You wouldn't believe how supportive my Dad is, he will be yelling at me whenever I am playing sport. Deegan
Ethan’s blue eyes twinkle with a bit of deviousness. James
My mum could give me infinite cuddles and her cuddles are the best cuddles ever. They bring me up when ever I am down. Josh
My nanny is a nanny you would LOVE, if she sees someone sad or crying she will make them laugh or smile. Come to her house and she will let you bake anything or she might even bake something for you! Julius
My Dad is kind and helpful. He tells me a lot of funny jokes and he is silly all of the time. Kayden
Julian cleans up after himself and recently he went up on a farm for docking to earn money for him to spend or save. Keighan
Maddie is a “shopaholic”, not just any shopaholic, the “biggest shopaholic” you will ever meet. She can shop till she drops. Kelly-Anne
Did you know Mum is a black belt in karate? So if she says you better watch out, you better watch out. Kiana
She has many nicknames. She is stinky.  She is a cat. When I first got this cat I thought it was a boy.  Well, at least that is what the person who gave it to me said.  However, when we took her to the vet, he said that it was a girl.  Since we had already given her a name, we couldn’t change it.  Most people would think that Zac is a him, not a her. Lachie
He’s probably one of the best hunters that I know of, but not as good as me. Liam Harmer
My cat is really really stupid. He runs across the tiles and slides into the fridge. Liam Hunter
My dad is not afraid of anything, even the big bad bulls running full speed at us. Instead of jumping the fence like me, he stands up and shows them his giant muscles. Liske
He has chocolate hair swayed to the side, styled with gel. Maia
She has twinkly eyes and a pretty singing voice. Monica
Monica is very kind and helpful. She does not make fun of people and she has a big heart. Amie
I like being Shivom’s cousin because he's nice and friendly. Nick
Mum's very funny when she plays football because she always toe-hacks it. Then she starts juggling and that makes me lol. Oscar W
He is always kind and nice and he is letting me call him whatever I want so I’m calling him Cam. Rosie K
The first time you see her she will jump on you and lick you right across the face like a dog drinking water. Shaydn
How she looks is simple, she is a very casual but a classic woman and she really only has two styles: One for round work and meetings, and one for round town and home. Tessa
My dad loves me all the time and I love him too. Toby
Shandah never lies and she is always there when you need her.That’s why she is the most best aunty you can ever have. Unique

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  1. Hi Rimu, I loved reading these descriptive sentences from your writing. Isn't it funny how one sentence can say so much about a character when you choose the right words. Good job!