Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Easter Writing Competition Winner!

Connor, with the Competition Prize!
In the last week of term one, we had an Easter Egg Competition. Here are the details:

Easter Egg Competition - 100% independent

Write a description of your perfect Easter Egg, think carefully about the words you choose to describe it, don't forget to punctuate your sentences.

Draw a picture- either digitally or non-digitally.

There were many examples of rich descriptive writing from our students. In a tough competition, Connor came out the winner! His super yummy creative writing is below, as well as his digitally created illustration. Enjoy!

I pick up the dazzling  Easter egg and  gaze at the awesome blue and orange tinfoil cover with an excited expression on my face . The blue and orange tin foil peels  off so easily it is hard to believe it was made by a human. This is the moment, I thought to myself. Time to eat it.  Chomp! The brittle chocolate shell surrenders to my destructive teeth. As I look inside the egg my eyes widen. Caramel,  marshmallow, and “wait whats this” I say, as I stare straight at some thick, oozy stuff sorta the same texture as caramel. But the colour! It isn't a colour known to the human race at all. It’s sorta green in a way, but so different from green at the same time! This is a weird but delicious Easter egg. I take another little nibble and what I see is nearly making my eyeballs explode into tiny different fragments and go flying across the universe . There is fizzy. In the egg. Fizzy in an Easter egg. Can you hear me, FIZZY. It’s the same greenish colour as the other stuff. “Well here goes” I say drinking the fizzy and using the chocolate as a cup and guess what? It is the best thing I have tasted in my whole life. This egg was not created on planet earth. Could be Jupiter? Maybe Mars? Nah, it’s from a different galaxy, I assure myself.

my easter suprise (1).jpg

I am right. Twenty five years later scientists discover another galaxy with weird eggs  floating around as they please. But they also find out that they were live creatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Connor Derham


  1. Hi Connor...I love this writing...all I kept thinking was this would be something I could eat. The writing really got me going when you said the inside of the egg was green. You know my favourite colour is GREEN! (Go Kea...) At the end of your story I couldn't believe that your dazzling Easter Egg was a live creature. I didn't see that twist in your story coming. This is my favourite sentence: The brittle chocolate shell surrenders to my destructive teeth.
    Keep up the awesome writing Connor and congratulations on your win!

  2. Awesome Connor IT A Awesome Egg but do you know the name for it or is it call the best Easter Egg

  3. OMG i love your ester egg