Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fun Run 2015

We have been training hard for the "Fun Run" in Rimu Hub and we're very proud of our results. Just look at that results table! 

Taylor couldn't run, so he took photos and created this video on the iPad. Visit his blog and leave him a comment. I think he did a creative job which captured the efforts of many students.

2015 Fun Run Results
Year 4 Girls fun
Year 4 Boys fun
1 Monica Sharplin    Takahe
2 Tyler Smith       Pukeko
3 Unique Rigby     Takahe
4 Bella Taylor     Pukeko
5 Aimee Osborne       Kea
1 George Taylor   Tui
2 Boston Dixon  Tui
3 Jordan Ross   Hoiho
4 Kayden Stowe  Hoiho
5 Declan Meads   Kea
Year 5 Girls fun
Year 5 Boys fun
1 Astella Tui
2 Aspen  Kea
3 Keisha Eagan Hoiho
4 Lake Paea  Hoiho
5 Jahzana Winiata   Tui
1 Diaz Davison  Pukeko
2 Rory Cameron  Takahe
3 Ngahere Greaves  Takahe
4 Logan Neis  Tui
5 Campbell Dean  Takahe
Year 6 Girls fun
Year 6 Boys fun
1 Jasmine Taylor  Tui
2 Leilani Williams  Pukeko
3 Emma Jarvis  Pukeko
4 Renee V   Takahe
5 Samontae  Tui
1 Corbyn Bloor  Kea
2 Jared Anderson  Takahe
3 William Wepa-Hazel
4 Liam Harmer  Pukeko
5 Connor McAneney  Hoiho
Year 4 Girls comp 3 laps 7:14
Year 4  Boys comp  3 laps 6:06
1 Ruby Hansen  Tui
2 Jasmine Bixley Kea
3 Ruby Langford Kea
4 Mya Wallace  Tui
5 Kalae Proctor Tui
6 Kaea Pomare  Tui
7 Skyla Halton Tui
8 Sienna Gamabarazzi McCarthy  Tui
9 Tia Dempsey  Hoiho
10 Isabella Ladd  Kea
1 Toby Mc   Tui
2 Camo Murphy   Takahe
3 Deegan Butcher  Hoiho
4 Mitchell Townsend Takahe
5 Bowen Steffert  Hoiho
6Jacob Johnson  Takahe
7 Callan Robson   Tui
8 Beau Heibner   Takahe
9 Jakob Whitnall  Takahe
10 Bradley Singer  Kea
Year 5 Girls comp   4 laps     9:02
Year 5 Boys comp  4 laps   8:15

1 Caitlin Astwood      Kea
2 Liske Halford       Takahe
3 Keighan Hikawai-McIntyre  Tui
4 Charlotte Reid  Kea
5 Claire Morrison   Hoiho
6 Izabella Hancz  Hoiho
7  Hannah Malcolm  Hoiho
8 Megan Orr  Tui
9 Bella Casson  Tui
10 Ruby Van Maanen  Tui

1 Ezra Morton  Hoiho
2 Connor Gallagher  Hoiho
3 Camden Bruce  Hoiho
4 Bodie Scott  Kea
5 Chris Walker Hoiho
6 Oscar Wilkinson  Kea
7 Camden Russell  Tui
8 Cameron Browning  Kea
9 Kevin Karena  Pukeko
10 Lucian Karaitiana  Tui
Year 6 Girls comp  4 laps  7:42
Year 6 Boys comp 4 laps    8:15
1 Aniela Apperley   Takahe
2 Kiana Pohe Pukeko
3 Adrielle Gillespie  Kea
4 Sophia Langford Kea
5 Maia Bassett Kea
6 Rosie Jones  Takahe
7 Shannon Hutchison
8 Tianna Rolls Pukeko
9 Shakayla Burton Kea
10 Emma Randle   Hoiho
1 Dylan Costello  Pukeko
2 Hugh Kilsby   Hoiho
3 Connor Derham   Tui
4 Caleb Johnstone  Hoiho
5 Jonathon Harbord Tui
6 Josh Stephens Takahe
7 Curtis Mc   Tui
8 Zayne Anderson   Tui
9 Tyler White   Pukeko
10 James Brown  Pukeko

Back in the hub, we reflected on the efforts of ourselves and others. It was wonderful to hear how well our students recognize the PRIDE in others. Here is a video of Hannah interviewing Liske about the Fun Run.

Kiana wanted to write a Moment in Time about her race and share it on her blog. She captured her race in vivid detail. Read about it here and leave a comment!


  1. Wow what great feedback from the Fun Run. I thought Taylors pictures and music were brilliant, I felt like I was at the event once again, he really captured the PRIDE within the event. Well done Taylor. Can I also congratulate RIMU Hub on outstanding results, you must have trained really hard, top effort.
    I thought the Liske Fun Run Interview was very expressive and both of you have great acting careers ahead of you. Well done

    1. Thank-you Mr G I will give it my best to be one .

  2. You did a very good interview Liske and Hannah. Well done Liske.