Friday, 21 August 2015

Netball World Cup by Sophia

    Here are some highlights from Sophia's amazing Netball Inquiry task. Her chant is super cool!

    My chant supporting the Silver Ferns.
    We are we are the silver ferns silver ferns
    We have girl power to the limit nobody is better than us
    We we rule the court like our fans get off your feet and clap your hands
    We are we are the Silver ferns Silver ferns

    All of the Silver Fern’s players and one of their main positions.
    GS Bailey Mes    Image result for bailey mes
    WA Grace RumessenImage result for Grace ramessen
    GD Casey Kopua
    Image result for casey kopua
    GS Malia Paseka Image result for malia paseka
    WA Shannon Francois Image result for shannon francois
    GD Katrina Grant Image result for Katrina grant
    GA Jodi Brown Image result for Jodi brown
    C Laura Langman Image result for laura langman
    GK Phoenix Karaka Image result for phoenix karaka
    GA Maria Tutaia Image result for maria tutaia
    WD Kayla CullenImage result for kayla cullen
    GK Leana Image result for leana de  2015
    De Bruin

    My NWC Artwork

    New Zealand Vs Uganda Report (written by Sophia)

    The game is under way with New Zealand starting with the ball and straight away it is a turn over. It gets to the Uganda goal GS, shot and GA got the rebound and stepped out, so it was NZ ball. After NZ shooting a few goals Shannon Francois made a excellent intercept, delivering a great pass into the goal circle, with Malia Paseka shooting a great goal.  After these first few minutes of the game Uganda has had great defence keeping the shooters out of the way for NZ.  

    Down the other end Karaka has made a lovely intercept leading to a great goal being shot for NZ. NZ having great teamwork with Jodi Brown making the ball stay on the NZ side. There has been nice pressure by the silver ferns making Uganda struggle and go off side.  There was a lovely save by the Uganda C but NZ still manage to get the ball with 2 nice strong passes down the court to the NZ shooters.  There has been great defence by both teams with a injury time out in the middle. Uganda have been doing some risky moves by shooting and passing with one hand.  What a great pick up by Laura Langman! At the end of the first quarter New Zealand came out winning 20-3.

    Uganda have came back on the court really strong ready to play another quarter.  Uganda has a new GA on and that has made a big difference by shooting more goals and straight away. After that Uganda have the ball with a 2 -0 start in the 2nd quarter.  Uganda had a very unlucky step but a nice pick up by Uganda after.  There were lovely passes by NZ making Jodi Brown shoot an amazing goal. Uganda centre pass went right into the hands of Malia Paseka and a centre pass does not normally go into the opposition GS hands. At the end of the 2rd quarter 39-16 with NZ leading and Uganda having a better quarter than their first quarter.

    There was a short pass by Uganda so it was a turn over to NZ which went out of court. Then Uganda stepped so it was NZ ball again. A lot was going on! On the Uganda side they had a lot of stepping in the circle and NZ was hustling.  There was lovely passing by Uganda but WD on their side got a warning by the referee. At the end of the 3rd quarter, New Zealand was still leading 56-24.

    Maria Tutaia is coming onto the court to play her 100th game for the Silver ferns.  Great ball by Maria Tutaia shooting but the ball fell out of the hoop but rebounded, making a quick pass to Malia Paseka. Great intercept by the Uganda GK but she was unlucky and it was NZ ball. GK for NZ, Karaka, made a big pass to Laura Langman who just missed it. There was a nice rebound by Leana De Bruin making the ball go down to the NZ shooting circle with a goal on its way. The final shot was by NZ.The final score was 76-33 to New Zealand at the Sydney Olympic park. Both teams had never met before.

    To see all of Sophia's post, visit here. She would love a quality comment.


    1. well done Sophia! I can tell you put a lot of effort into that chant.


    3. Wow Soph, I can tell you have put a lot of pride into your work. I love the video.

    4. That is so cool Sophia! I can tell you put a lot of effort into your task! Also I love your chant it is now stuck in my head so it means it is catchy! I think you did really well

    5. Hi Sophia, what a neat effort you have made with your chant. I have read your netball report and what stood out for me was the very specific netball vocabulary that you used. You have very clear detail and I was able to visualise. I can tell you love your netball, just like me! Well done Sophia.